For an Archetypal Piscean – a sonnet for Alan

You left us too soon, yet left us much,

Gathering the best, through your gifts they were sent –

Beauty and honesty, openness and truth.

Always seeking perfection, never content,

This is the legacy you have left –

The best of yourself, forever spent.


Absolute discipline and absolute freedom,

Like Astaire centred in the midst of a spin,

Your genius and focus, inventive and new,

Gave us villains and heroes and all in between.

But your rep for great villains – a slew

Of “very interesting people.” You answered, “Just two.”

“If you want to know who I am, it’s all in the work,”

you said.

Your life was the template from which your roles

were made.

Welcome to the newest blog devoted to all things Alan Rickman – the fascinating and mysterious, multi-talented, dedicated, honourable and kindly British thespian – who referred to himself as an “archetypal Piscean.”

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